Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions are available for inspection in the rooms of Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi.
These general terms and conditions can also be found on the entrepreneur's website
(www.curacaobenb.com) The original text of these general terms and conditions is Dutch. In the event of a discrepancy between a translation and the original text, the Dutch version of
Article 1: Definitions
In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:
a. Entrepreneur: the company Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi Curaçao;
b. Guest: the person who enters into the agreement regarding the holiday accommodation with the entrepreneur;
c. Co-guest: the person(s) also indicated on the agreement;
d. Accommodation: Room including bathroom;
e. Facilities: The swimming pool, appliances and utensils in the accommodation, entrance gate, patio, terraces and palapa;
f. Third party(ies): any other person(s), not being the guest and/or co-guest;
g. Agreed price: the fee paid for the use of the holiday accommodation; what is not included in the price must be stated on the basis of a price list;
h. Information: written/electronic data about the use of the holiday accommodation, the facilities and the rules regarding the stay;
i. Cancellation: the written termination by the guest of the agreement before the commencement date of the stay.
Article 2: content of the agreement
1. The entrepreneur makes available to the guest for recreational purposes, so not for permanent residence, a holiday accommodation of the type or type that has been agreed, for the agreed period and the agreed price.
2. The entrepreneur is obliged to provide the guest in advance with the written information on the basis of which this agreement is also concluded. The entrepreneur always informs the guest in writing of changes in this in a timely manner.
3. If the information deviates significantly from the information provided when entering into the agreement, the guest has the right to cancel the agreement without penalty.
4. The guest has the obligation to comply with the agreement and the associated information. He ensures that fellow guest(s) and/or third party(s) who visit him and/or stay with him comply with the agreement and the associated information.
Article 3: duration and termination of the agreement
The agreement ends by operation of law after the expiry of the agreed period, without notice being required.
Article 4: price and price change
1. the price is agreed on the basis of the rates applicable at that time, which have been determined by the entrepreneur.
2. If, after the agreed price has been determined due to an increase in charges on the part of the entrepreneur, additional costs arise as a result of a change in charges and/or levies that relate directly to the entrepreneur or the guest, these can be charged to the guest. charged, even after the conclusion of the agreement.
Article 5: payment
1. The guest must make the payments with due observance of the agreed terms.
2. If, despite a prior written reminder, the guest does not or not properly comply with his payment obligation within a period of two weeks after the written reminder, the entrepreneur has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect, without prejudice to the entrepreneur's right to full payment of the agreed price.
3. If the entrepreneur is not in possession of at least 50% of the total amount due on the day of arrival, it is entitled to deny the guest access to the accommodation, without prejudice to the entrepreneur's right to full payment of the agreed price. .
4. The extrajudicial costs reasonably incurred by the entrepreneur, after a notice of default, will be borne by the guest. If the total amount is not paid on time, the legally determined interest rate on the outstanding amount will be charged after a written demand.
Article 6: cancellation
1. Cancellation is possible up to one month before the commencement date;
2. In the event of cancellation within two weeks to one month before the commencement date, the compensation to the entrepreneur is 50% of the agreed price;
3. In the event of cancellation within two weeks before the commencement date, the compensation is 100% of the agreed price;
4. The fee will be refunded pro rata, after deduction of administration costs.
Article 7: use by third parties
1. Use by third parties of the accommodation is only permitted if the entrepreneur has given written permission for this.
2. Conditions may be imposed on the permission given, which must then be laid down in writing in advance.
Article 8: early departure of the guest
The guest owes the full price for the agreed rate period.
Article 9: Premature termination by the entrepreneur and eviction in the event of an attributable shortcoming and/or unlawful act
1. The entrepreneur can terminate the agreement with immediate effect:
a. If the guest, fellow guest(s) and/or third party(ies) do not or not properly comply with the obligations under the agreement, the associated information and/or government regulations, despite prior written warning, and to such an extent that according to the standards of reasonableness and fairness, the entrepreneur cannot be expected to continue the agreement;
b. If, despite prior written warning, the guest causes nuisance to the entrepreneur and/or fellow guests, or spoils the good atmosphere on or in the immediate vicinity of the site;
c. If, despite prior written warning, the guest acts contrary to the purpose of the site by using the accommodation.
2. If the entrepreneur wishes interim termination and eviction, he must inform the guest of this in a letter handed over personally.
3. After cancellation, the guest must ensure that the holiday accommodation is vacated and the site is vacated as soon as possible, but at the latest within 4 hours;
4. In principle, the guest remains obliged to pay the agreed rate.
Article 10: liability
1. The entrepreneur is not liable for an accident, theft or damage on his site, unless this is the result of a shortcoming attributable to the entrepreneur.
2. The entrepreneur is not liable for the consequences of extreme weather influences or other forms of force majeure.
3. The guest is liable towards the entrepreneur for damage caused by the act or omission of himself, the fellow guest(s) and/or third parties, insofar as it concerns damage caused to the guest, the co-guest(s) and/or third party(s) can be attributed.
4. The entrepreneur undertakes to take appropriate measures after reporting by the guest of nuisance caused by other guests.