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Chichi, the big sister

Chichi, the big sister

Making memories

When the heartbreaking news arrived that our children would finally be coming our way, I knew it was time to pull out all the stops for an unforgettable family reunion. Our daughter would set foot in the parental home for the first time since her studies in Groningen. She has lived in Curaçao all her life and perhaps you recognize that feeling; When you live somewhere, you often put things off, as if there is always enough time. But let's be honest, we often miss the gems that are right in front of us.

Even our vacations weren't immune to this procrastination. New York, London, Paris; they had seen it all, but they had never been to Klein Curaçao. This time, however, we had prepared everything well and made a list of these gems. Of course there were also the nostalgic excursions. There was no escape from the best pasta Alfredo at De Buren and the unbeatable Osaka roll from Chopsticks. A drink at Iguana on the Handelskade and a road trip to Westpunt were of course also part of it.

Now, however, there was something completely different on the program, something that was at the top of my list: painting my own Chichi. Now I hear you thinking, "What the heck is a Chichi?" Well, a Chichi isn't a tickle in your throat or a new dance move; it is a statue of a well-formed woman, named after the older sister who takes care of her brothers and sisters in a large family. Apparently she's so legendary that she's earned her own statue.

Paint your own Chichi

So we headed towards the east of beautiful Curaçao. Within fifteen minutes we parked our car at Serena's Art Factory, where it was already pleasantly busy for the 'paint-your-own-Chichi' workshop. We were warmly welcomed and led to one of the picnic tables, which was already fully equipped with the necessary materials. And then it was time to choose our Chichi figurines. There were plenty of options; big, small, standing, sitting, and even Chichi's brother was present. It was like we were in a Chichi village!

While we were surrounded by trees, birds, and other creative people in the beautiful garden, we took a seat and got to know our table companions. Before we started our artistic adventure, we received expert explanations. It was simply wonderful to be busy creating outdoors. While painting we were spoiled with tea, coffee and juices. Three hours later (it felt like no more than 1), we were done and could take our artwork home. They were carefully packed for us in beautiful boxes, so that they would reach their final destination safely.

Oasis of peace

Painting your own Chichi brings you into the present and connects you with your environment. We have created unforgettable moments by creating our own works of art that will cherish our memories forever every time our Chichi gives us her smile. You can also do this if you stay in Curaçao. Do you also enjoy being creative in a serene environment? Then don't miss this magical adventure - after all, you don't want your Chichi to feel neglected! Take her home as a unique souvenir.

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Published 12-09-2023 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi