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The ball can roll strangely!

The ball can roll strangely!

Curacao beyond beach!

Life on an island is pleasant. Especially when it is a tropical island. I have been living on Curaçao for more than 30 years. However, life also brings its own challenges here. From my “makamba” perspective I like to write about things that strike me or that I experience in the B&B; things you don't think about 1, 2, 3 when it comes to Curaçao. A personal insight for anyone who plans to visit Curaçao and is interested in more than sun, sea and beach. Simply because there is so much more. My blog below is about the Eierbal!

The ball can roll strangely!

And this certainly also applies to the egg ball.

Since I married a man from Groningen in 2000, the egg ball has been a red thread through my life. I must say that as a Drenth I was also somewhat familiar with this phenomenon. Still, I have the feeling that it is even more popular in Groningen.

Large numbers are eaten during every holiday in the Netherlands. You can speak of a tradition, because our children were also die-hard egg-eaters by now. How surprised I was when two of my guests from North Holland expressed their love for the egg ball during breakfast. There had to be something Groningen behind it. And indeed....

All the way through Turkey, but still. The story went like this.

During a holiday, John and Peter get to know two women who live in Lisse. It clicks so well that the four decide to meet. In Lisse they are treated to this delicacy that they had never tasted in their lives. One of the women appears to come from Bellingwolde and, just like Willem, grew up with the egg ball.

What do you do when you move from Groningen to North Holland?

Then you take the recipe to the local snack bar in Lisse and you declare a fries war when this egg ball does not quickly appear on the menu. Now this lady from Bellingwolde can eat her egg ball every weekend and introduce all her friends to this piece of Groningen and/or Drents heritage.

Because Lisse is close to Schiphol, the transfer to Curaçao is not even that big. Would it be an idea to introduce him here on Curaçao?

Or shall we continue to enjoy the Pastechi and the Cheese Balls here?!

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Published 04-11-2022 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi