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Curaçao beyond beach Discover the hidden treasures - Free Ebook

Curaçao beyond beach Discover the hidden treasures - Free Ebook

Curacao beyond beach!

Step off the beaten track and discover Curaçao's hidden heritage. Forget the sun-drenched beaches for a moment and immerse yourself in the island's rich history. I will take you on a fascinating journey through majestic country houses that have stood the test of time. Each mansion tells a unique story, filled with intrigue and enchantment. As you stroll through the lush gardens and admire the architectural splendor, you will be amazed by the timeless beauty that surrounds you. Look beyond the beaches and discover the true heart of Curaçao.

The first settlement

Wouldn't you like to know where Johan van Walbeeck made his first quarters when he and his men first set foot on Curaçao in 1634? And no, it wasn't in Willemstad. In any case, it has created the rural atmosphere of Toni Kunchi. Here you can take time to relax, reflect and immerse yourself in the real beauty of Curaçao

From the first settlements to the flourishing plantations, these country houses have had a profound influence on the culture and rural atmosphere around Willemstad. In my eBook I reveal the secrets behind their architecture, the stories of the families who once lived there and the unique elements that characterize each country house.

But this is just the beginning. Discover the current destination of these historic gems. My eBook provides detailed information, beautiful photos, and captivating stories that will enchant you.

Do you want to discover the beauty and history of the country houses around Willemstad and a stone's throw from Toni Kunchi? Don't miss this opportunity! Download your copy of today   "Five special country houses; stories of love and tradition"

Take your next step in your journey to extraordinary experiences and look at Curaçao with different eyes forever!

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Published 14-03-2023 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi