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valley of tears

valley of tears

Curacao beyond beach!

Life on an island is pleasant. Especially when it is a tropical island. I have been living on Curaçao for more than 30 years. However, life also brings its own challenges here. From my “makamba” perspective, I like to write about things that catch my eye; things you don't think about 1, 2, 3 when it comes to Curaçao. A personal insight for anyone who plans to visit Curaçao and is interested in more than sun, sea and beach. Simply because there is so much more.

My blog below is about scholarship holders who are going to study in the Netherlands.

valley of tears

The first word that comes to my mind to describe the past week.
Coincidence or not, but this also turns out to be the name of a hamlet in Groningen; the province where we left our daughter on August 11, when we crossed the Atlantic Ocean, back to Curaçao.


We knew the moment would come. Every parent here knows that. Some choose to move with them after their offspring graduate from high school. However, this is by no means possible for everyone.

Bursary flight

And so every year we have to deal with a collective vale of tears at Hato, the airport of Curaçao. Scholarship students then say goodbye to their loved ones to take a special flight to the Netherlands for their studies. It's a heartbreaking scene.
There is also a group that travels separately because of parents and family who come along to help their son or daughter on their way. The tears don't flow any less.


Of course there is also the other side. Island children get the chance to broaden their horizons. Taste the freedom step by step and into the wide world. Taking own decisions and responsibility. That starts in the last months in Curaçao when the 18-year-olds have obtained their driver's license. Read about this in my blog 'With the flame in the pipe'
Ultimately, we hope that a large part of the students will return with a diploma to help the island move forward.

And we....?

When the tears have dried, we try to enjoy as much as possible from a distance. After all, that is not a punishment at all from Curaçao, because life on an island remains pleasant.

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Published 11-01-2023 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi