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In the clouds on Rooftop Klein Kwartier

In the clouds on Rooftop Klein Kwartier

A heavenly adventure!

Let's start with our brand new addition, the crown jewel of serenity: rooftop Klein Kwartier. Here, above the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will find an oasis of peace, nature and history that will enchant your senses.

A nostalgic look back....

Back in time, when these fields were still covered with a thousand orange trees, two mischievous children found their playground here. And who could have predicted that they would grow up to become governor of St. Martin and one of the island's most influential writers? Jan Jacob Beaujon and Boelie van Leeuwen frolicked among the Laraha trees in the 1920s and 1930s, and in the rainy season they swam between the dams. Speaking of writers, the famous writer Marjon Pauw was inspired here for her first book, "Villa Serena". What an appropriate place to create!

Blue Curaçao 🍹

The Klein Kwartier estate was owned by the Senior family around 1900, and here grew the Laraha orange trees that formed the essence of the iconic Blue Curaçao liqueur. The peels of these oranges became the secret ingredients for this legendary drink. Want to know all the juicy details? Then read my blog about Blue Curaçao (English version) .

A magical beginning 🦜

While the very first rays of sunshine silently greet you and we are busy preparing a delicious breakfast, you can already enjoy yourself on the Rooftop. A cool breeze caresses your senses, while the birds start their melodious serenade of the day early. A new day in paradise has arrived. Enjoy panoramic views over the fields and be surrounded by the most colorful birds in their natural habitat. The colors dance with the sunlight and transform the landscape into a vibrant masterpiece, until the copper sun disappears again on the horizon, a changing of the guard.

Flamingos 🦩

When the sun sets, the flamingos look for a safe shelter for the night. It is a majestic sight as they fly by with their soft pink feathers catching the last rays of the setting sun. And if that weren't enough, sometimes an unexpected guest appears - the white owl. This curious bird comes nearby while the bats flutter nervously back and forth. It's as if nature puts on an unplanned show.

Peace seekers and bird lovers 🌴🌴

Here you can escape the chaos of everyday life and let your thoughts wander. The whisper of the wind through the leaves and the song of the birds form a harmony that soothes and refreshes the mind. Here, where heaven touches earth, an experience awaits you that you will cherish forever.

Dushi Dia🌴

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Published 13-06-2023 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi