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Crazy 33, an unprecedented adventure!

Crazy 33, an unprecedented adventure!

Imagine: a sun-drenched beach, a list of challenging assignments in your hand, good company and a smile that doesn't want to leave your face. That was exactly the setting for our latest adventure - a day full of surprises, hilarious moments and unforgettable memories.

It all started at the Sea Side Terrace restaurant. For a moment I went back in time. Almost three decades ago I saw this local eatery being born (see blog I have a dream - English version ). This time, however, I was not equipped with diving gear and waiting for my students; instead we studied a list of challenging assignments. This was no ordinary day; it was the start of an extraordinary event - a kind of alternative puzzle ride called Crazy 33.

The rules were simple: don't be too serious, embrace the hilarity and let your adventurous side run wild. Together with friends we set out, ready for whatever this day would bring us. And what a day it was!

From singing "Chilling on the Antilles" by Diverse Sauces at the restaurant of the same name, to finding a pig to take a photo of;

from the iconic Titanic scene "I'm flying Jack"

to the easiest limbo ever :)

But awareness of the historical and cultural heritage was also discussed - every moment was an adventure in itself.

But best of all? The smile on our face, which accompanied us all day long. Because let's be honest, laughter is healthy, and there was certainly no shortage of that on this seemingly ordinary Sunday.

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Published 16-04-2024 / Copyright © Bed & Breakfast Toni Kunchi